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Montana is chock full of rare and interesting places to visit. Visitors are sure to have experiences that will never be forgotten visiting these places.

Authentic, Fresh Fare at Ox Pasture
Ox Pasture has made a name for itself as one of the most delicious places to enjoy a meal. Enjoy the taste of fresh meat and produce at Ox Pasture. The menu offers a focus on local produce and proteins, getting produce from Laurel Farmer’s Market, and idea spun into reality by Alexia and David Leuschen. Owners Gena Burghoff and Lockhart feel that using local goods creates a healthy buzz around the restaurant’s menu. The French bistro style restaurant is home to executive chef Chris Lockhart. Enjoy his take on an authentic Montana Wagyu Bavette steak or whole trout. Chef Lockhart has created a bacon jam recipe made available online for those who aren’t able to travel to Montana. Lockhart has had no one teach him the craft of cooking, he did a lot of reading and watching other chefs to master his craft.

Step into Another Time at Murray Hotel
The Murray Hotel is located in Livingston, Montana and was built by Josephine Kline in 1904. The hotel’s style proudly represents a rare look at the old Western days. The Murray Hotel has made its way onto the national Historic register. It was known as a “Railroad Hotel” which were nearly always located across the road from the depot. The hotel was widely popular until the popularity of passenger trains declined in the 50’s. The location of the hotel provides easy access to hot springs, river rafting, fly fishing, and hiking. The hotel’s bistro was visited by Anthony Bourdain during a 2009 episode of No Reservations.

Travel Through Ptarmigan Tunnel
Ptarmigan Tunnel is for the adventurous traveler with an outdoor spirit. The tunnel is 240 feet long and was originally built for horses and tours through the mountain. It took nearly three months to blast through the rock and create a tunnel. The steel entrance doors added during the 70’s help make it one of the most unique hiking trails to visit.

Havre Beneath The Streets
Many businesses burned down in 1904, leading many shopkeepers to keep their businesses flourishing underground. Numerous businesses moved underground included a barber shop, dentist, saloon, butcher, and soda store. Essentially, Havre Beneath The Streets is an underground mall. The tunnels are marked by purple squares in the sidewalk. The squares have a functional purpose as skylights for the underground city. The rays of the sun slowly converted the squares to a purple color. According to the CEO of Havre Beneath the Streets, the underground locale brings more visitors than any other attraction in Montana.