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Benefits of Using an Executive Recruiter

Using an Executive recruiter in Washington DC is a decision that could greatly benefit your organization in the long run. Executive Recruiters provide a service to companies which helps choose the most qualified candidates to fill certain positions.

Deciding to use an Executive recruiter is something that should not be taken lightly. Remember you are paying for the services of a recruiter therefore, you need to weigh all options and make an appropriate decision.

Executive recruiters get paid very well for weeding out the best possible candidates for an organization. Recruiters receive work orders from clients which specify exactly what the company is seeking. Nels Olsen and other recruiting firms do their best to come up with suitable candidates to fill client positions.

Recruiters receive thousands of resumes for various jobs. The recruiting firm must sort out resumes and review qualifications. If the agency decides they variety of skilled professionals are interested in certain candidates they normally bring them in for an initial interview.

Recruiting firms are a definite asset to corporations. Not only do recruiting firms look for qualified candidates, they also take notice of candidates dress attire, personality traits as well as manners and other important qualities. Most large corporations simply do not have the time and manpower to do the work of a professional recruiter.

Organizations That Help In Guinea

4 Agencies Giving Guinea Aid Right Now

Guinea is one of the many countries in the world that needs humanitarian effort. A lot of people have been working to help the impoverished, hungry, and dying. Even though a lot of people help this country in need, there are some organizations that offer their time, money, and so much more. Whether you want to help, or you want to learn more about the efforts that the country needs, consider 4 major organizations that are helping Guinea, and how you can join them.
Aid For Africa
Aid For Africa has been helping several nations in Africa with a great deal of community efforts. They not only provide food, they provide education, loan money to small businesses, and expand housing, and wildlife programs as well. This non-profit organization concentrates on volunteer work, medical aid, and much more. They are continually in need of volunteers and financial assistance.
Save The Children
Another organization that has been helping Guinea for some time is Save The Children. This non-profit organization has been focusing on the area since 1997. In 1997 they began giving hope to the people of Guinea, through a variety of services. They started with education and health services, and have since helped parents with their children, education, and so much more. Of all of the organizations helping Guinea, this option helps with a lot of medical assistance, sending doctors, nurses, and volunteers to aid with children and parental health care.
Islamic Relief USA
Islamic Relief USA has been helping Guinea for some time, and they have focused a great deal of their humanitarian effort on the basic needs of the people. Giving from the heart, this organization has been working towards giving financial aid, and volunteers to the area to help with health care, education, food, and water. Since 2015, this organization has been focused on helping the people of Guinea with basic needs, and so much more. They are one of the most dedicated organizations that help Guinea today.
US AID is a government agency that has been set up to give to poor countries around the world. They have focused their attention on Guinea and assist with a lot of different programs. Starting with health care, and moving through education, and small business loans, this AID goes to the heart of the needs of Guinea’s impoverished population. They help with infectious disease prevention, community building, and so much more.
These 4 organizations are just 4 agencies that are continually helping Guinea get out from under the poverty, health problems, and lack of opportunities that are in the country. They offer financial support, humanitarian effort, and educational elements as well.

The Top 5 Abu Dhabi Attractions for 2017

Abu Dhabi is a top tourist destination and features some of the most notable buildings, landmarks and other man-made structures in the middle east. Here is a guide to five, must-see attractions worth checking out on your visit to this remarkable city.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Art Museum
Currently in development and expected to open this year, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi ( will be a premier attraction to visit while traveling through Abu Dhabi. The museum will include an expansive view of art history emphasizing the local and regional art of the Middle East from the last two centuries. The museum will also contain art from various mediums around the world ranging from the 1960s to present day.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is absolutely exquisite and is considered a landmark building in Abu Dhabi. Adorned with marble, glass, mosaic tile, and intricate carving work, the building is spectacular, taking an astounding 20 years to build. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, holding approximately 40,000 worshippers.

Al-Hosn Palace
Al-Hosn, sometimes referred to as the Old Fort, is located in the center of Abu Dhabi and is the oldest building in the city. The palace was built in the 1700s by the Al-Nahyan family who was in control during that time. There is a museum inside the palace that holds traditional artifacts and historical photos as well as a display of the history of Abu Dhabi.

Liwa Oasis
Liwa Oasis is one of many stunning attractions, known for its date farming practices and one of the most sprawling sand dunes in the world. You can visit the area to learn more about the Bedouin tribes who live there and cultivate dates. It’s also a great place to try your hand at riding a camel, sand surfing, or taking a spin on a dune buggy.

Observation Deck
The Observation Deck at 300 is a great place to relax and take in the views of the incredible skyline of Abu Dhabi. The deck is located on the 74th floor of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel and offers 360 degree views of the city. You can enjoy high tea and other snacks and refreshments while gazing out at the expansive buildings and structures.

The New Yorkers For Children Gala And Its Mission

The New Yorkers for Children Annual Gala was held at Cipirani 42nd Street to support the charity for the new year. The charity has a gala every year that will help it raise money to aid children living across the city. This article explains the beauty of the gala this year, and it shares information about who was present as the gala was given. Every child in New York City who uses city services is aided by New Yorkers for Children, and they have the opportunity to live a better life as a result.

#1: What Does The Charity Do For Children?

Children who are a part of the system in New York are given many services to make their lives better. They receive services that help them live comfortably, and they are given things such as healthcare, school supplies and food stamps to ensure they are living well. The charity creates projects that support the city system, and they raise their own money as they work with the city.

#2: Who Appeared At The Gala?

There were quite a few executives at the gala who helped to host, and they represented companies such as Walgreens. Those who attended gave of their own money and time to help the charity, and they were impressed with the scope of the gala and its location. The gala helped everyone have a good time, and they ensured the guests were having a nice time as they asked for their contributions.

#3: Raising Millions

The charity raised $1.3 million for the cause in one night, and they asked all their donors to give of their time and money to make a difference. Those attending included Kelly Rutherford and Heather Marks. They were there to show their support for a charity they believe in given they live in the city. They see the changes that may be made by the charity, and they wish to give more every year to allow for more goals to be met.

The New Yorkers for Children Gala is an event that everyone must laud for its creativity and beauty. It brings together some of the finest donors in the city including William Goldman, Alina Cho, Beth Rudin DeWoody and Alexia and David Leuschen, and it helps those who cannot help themselves. Children are given more chances to live a normal life, and they are offered an incredible number

Montana Dining: A Visit to Ox Pasture

In a state known for burgers, bison, and other hearty favorites, standing out in Montana’s restaurant business can be a unique challenge. Even so, husband-and-wife team Gena Burghoff and Chris Lockhart have beat the odds. The couple opened Ox Pasture in May of 2016 and haven’t looked back.

Ox Pasture also known as “The Ox” is located off the main strip in Red Lodge, Montana. The quaint restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional Montana cuisine and prides itself on true farm-to-table tastes. The store boasts a rotating menu that changes every two weeks based on the local harvest. Meals usually incorporate local seasonal produce such as berries, mushrooms, or potatoes mixed with locally farmed meats like chicken, beef and fresh-river trout.

The restaurant’s interior design is also well-planned and welcoming. The store is located in an old historic stone building giving it an immediate farmhouse feel. Inside, the walls are white-washed and meet pickled wooden floors for an antique yet modern twist. The furniture mixes wicker seating with zinc tipped-tabletops and incorporates splashes of color on the cushioning. Sprinkled throughout the room are beautiful pieces of pottery and various natural herbs. The ambiance of the store is well-received by locals and has served as a major contributor to the restaurant’s success.

Last but not least, the store’s ownership plays an obvious role in the success of the new gala. Burghoff and Lockhart have over ten years’ experience in the restaurant business and have operated restaurants in meccas like Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia. Chef Lockhart’s style is influenced by his international travels and his British heritage where local eating is ingrained in the culture. To the point, the couple works hard to create inspired seasonal dishes each week and takes pride in the creative flare of their rotational, fresh, and unique menu selections. Combined with an original idea from David Leuschen and his wife, the restaurant has brought new life to Red Lodge, Montana.

Overall this hip new restaurant is making waves in Red Lodge. The truly seasonal restaurant opens its doors from May-October to accommodate fresh produce. Stop in today and tickle your taste buds with one of Ox Pasture’s creative, seasonal dishes!

Foodie Must-See Events in Brooklyn

With so many different cultures mixing in New York City, it comes as no surprise that the city is packed of exciting new foods to try. Whether your focus is on main course meals, snacks, or desserts, Brooklyn is full fun and unique places to fulfill every foodie’s dreams.

Called the “The Woodstock of Eating” by The New York Times, Smorgasburg is a food lover’s paradise. With over 100 food vendors, this outdoor food flea market runs from April to November, each Saturday and Sunday. A spin off of Brooklyn Flea, this annual food mart is a much anticipated stop for locals and tourists alike. Located at Williamsburg’s East River Park on Saturdays, it relocates to Breeze Hill in Prospect Park on Sundays and is in business from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. Some of the best new vendors on deck this year include Heros and Villains for great sandwiches, Oni Sauce with their one of a kind gobo chips, and decadent desserts at Wowfulls.

The Best of Brooklyn
This half day food and culture tour features an intriguing history lesson with delightful foods from around the world. Get a unique immigrant experience by following the trail of New York’s immigrant groups from the Lower East Side over the Williamsburg Bridge. This combination walking and bus tour includes food tastings from some of the area’s favorites. And don’t worry about walking away hungry from this four and a half hour tour, you will be served enough food for a full and diverse lunch!

Brewery and Beer-Tasting Tour
For a different look at food and beer in the Brooklyn area, try the Brewer and Beer Tasting Tour. This three and a half hour tour takes you from Williamsburg to Union avenue, stopping at a favorite local brewery to taste new and popular brews and a break at a local pizzeria. You will learn about the history of Brooklyn’s brewing scene and get suggestions for the best beer spots from your tour guide.

Mast Brothers Chocolate
Who doesn’t love chocolate, and chocolate beer for that matter? MAST offers tours and classes for chocolate lovers of all ages. Tours are every hour on the hour (11am-5pm) and take visitors through their Williamsburg factory, to sample chocolate from all over the world. See the chocolate production process and finish with a non-alcoholic chocolate beer. Classes take you through the chocolate making process and is a really cool experience for any chocolate lover.

Top 10 Spots To Get Your Coffee Fix in Miami

Are you looking for a great place in Miami to get your coffee fix? Well, look no more. We’ve rounded up ten of the best places to get a steamy cup of your favorite smooth, dark addiction. Try one today, or try them all. We won’t judge you.

Panther Coffee

A local staple, Panther Coffee is delicious no matter how you prefer to drink it. You’ll enjoy the industrial meets artistic look and feel of the place just as much as you enjoy their Breve coffee or maybe a nice full-flavored cappuccino.

Bsweet Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is a cozy addition to The Design District. They pair excellent coffee with desserts that are just to die for. The casual, friendly atmosphere will make you want to stay awhile and relax. Stop in to enjoy a delicious cupful and stay for a quick lunch.

Eternity Coffee Roasters

One of the many reasons to grab a cup at Eternity is their specially sourced beans, which they roast on site. Named one of America’s best coffee shops, you’ll definitely want to check this place out. The coffee is high-quality, and the pastries are good too.

Pasion del Cielo

The name says it all, meaning Passion of Heaven. You’ll delight in their wide selection of delicious coffee options. You can choose beans from Colombia or Brazil or even Jamaica. Savor their coffee or check out their teas, pastries, and smoothies.

Havana Coffee and Tea Company

Specializing in Cuban coffees, you’ll love their local roast and friendly attitudes. They serve some amazing tea varieties too including everything from watermelon to mojito flavors. You’ll love the atmosphere and the empanadas.

Puroast Coffee

This little coffee shop might not catch your attention, but they serve superb coffee. Their passion for it can be seen in their expertly brewed and served coffee. While you’re there, check out their incredible almond pastries.

Nespresso Boutique

This modern, chic location provides an excellent atmosphere for enjoying a great latte. Get all the coffee varieties you love. While you’re there, try some of their signature chocolates. It pairs perfectly with their coffee. You won’t be sorry you tried it.

El Gallito Coffee Shop

Next time you’re near Little Havana, check out this authentic Cuban coffee shop. They make a fantastic Cuban coffee. You can pair it with an amazing breakfast. Be sure to check out the beleadas – everyone raves about it.

Las Olas Café

This café serves a truly fantastic café Cubano along with a tasty breakfast. Their coffee is delicious, hot and the atmosphere offers an authentic taste of Miami. You’ll appreciate their prices too, but be sure to bring cash as they are a cash only establishment.

Angelina’s Coffee & Juice

You can trust their coffee is excellent, because they use Panther’s tasty beans for all their brews. In addition to the tasty coffee, Angelina’s offers teas, sandwiches, and fresh squeezed juices. Grab a coffee and a sandwich and you’ve got a great, quick lunch.

Fun Activities to do in Miami this Summer

Summer arrives; school is out for a while and now comes the perfect time for kids and Moms, Dads or the whole family to explore other activities in their own cities or towns. In Miami, FL the first thing to consider is the beach. The beach is perfect for creating memories of sunny days, cool water, picnics and building sand castles. There is such a great sense of freedom to play around unburdened with winter clothing with the feel of sand beneath your bare feet. Consider renting a kayak or paddle board to relax and enjoy the connection with nature and the ocean.

This is also an excellent time for swimming lessons, beginning with the youngest to the oldest kid in the family. There are plenty of places in Miami that offer certified Swimming Instructors for children of all ages. And this is an ideal way to build self-confidence and become familiar with water skills. Most programs are designed with classes for beginners to advance with levels to encourage and praise the child’s development.

It’s also fun to spend some time at the fabulous Aventura Mall which is happily air conditioned! Under the keen eye of CEO, Jackie Soffer (, Aventura Mall has grown into more than just a place to shop! In addition to checking out the endless shops, enjoy lunch at one of the various restaurants and catch a movie there!

Another great way to develop self-confidence is kid friendly Martial Arts. There are a lot of different approaches and schools that feature a certain style. Something to consider is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it teaches great body awareness, a sense of comradeship among the students and teachers as well, and lots of fun. It’s not a dead serious environment and while it definitely develops discipline and a philosophy about respect and interaction with others, it also includes laughter and lots of encouragement.

The public library ( is a fabulous go to destination. With all sorts of programs to engage a kid in fun and creative activities as well as offering volumes and volumes of books and stories to capture the imagination and encourage one of the best ways to spend a summer afternoon which is reading and dreaming and learning about the world. Plus, the library is air conditioned and comfy too.

There are so many different kid-friendly activities to do in Miami during the summer with a different set of experiences to learn, play and stimulate the mind while enjoying a simpler pace then during the structured school year.

Best Places to Travel in July

Some people spend their entire year planning summer vacations, while others take off for a weekend trip on a whim. Regardless of what type of planner you are, we’ve put together a list of fantastic getaways near and far to fulfill any and all travel itches. International travelers flock to the United States in the summer, and for good reason—just about the entire country is awash in great weather, from typically rainy destinations like Seattle to seasonal beach towns in the northeast.

Asbury Park, New Jersey, is one particularly exciting destination this summer as the Asbury, the area’s first hotel in 30 years, opens in the shore town. Between the hotel’s debut and government investment in the boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy, Asbury Park feels like a completely new destination—though regulars will appreciate that the nostalgic spots remain.

Europe is another popular destination over the summer for travelers of all ages. If you’re planning a multi-generation family trip, look no further than Tuscany, which has tons of flight options, as well as great villas where the whole family can relax under the same roof. For a city getaway, we love Helsinki, which has been on our radar for some time now with young creatives making waves in the design and culinary scenes.

If you’re one of the lucky few with a nice, long summer break, take advantage of the time off with a more far-flung trip, perhaps to Tokyo or Melbourne. Locals from both cities usually flee for places with more pleasant weather. But if you can handle humidity and rain, July is the best month to take advantage of sparse crowds and great deals.

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Florida’s Aventura Mall: The Jewelry Destination

Aventura Mall, located in Miami, Florida is a premier shopping center run by Turnberry Associates’ Jackie Soffer (read more). A popular jewelry destination, Aventura Mall houses store fronts of some of the top jewelry brands like Cartier, Pandora, and Tiffany & Co.

Looking to buy one of Cartier’s famous Love bracelets while shopping in Miami? Head to its store front at Aventura Mall! Cartier manufactures, and sells its own jewelry and watches designs. Cartier is well known for its elegant designs in jewelry and wrist watches. This reputable jewelry company operates over 200 stores in over 100 countries. Cartier stores are equipped with a wide range of accessories which include among others watches, leather goods, and eyewear.

With a location at Aventura Mall, Pandora is an international Danish jewelry company known for the manufacture of its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, watches to name but a few. The company has a store in Aventura Mall and is known for marketing its products in over 90 countries with numerous points of sale. This reputable company has an online sales platform whereby it’s working intensively to increase its e-commerce sales.

Tiffany & Co.
Heart chain bracelets, engagement rings and more! Tiffany & Co. is an American-based worldwide jewelry retailer with its headquarters in New York City. The company is known for its luxury jewelry, fragrances and home decor to name a few. The company is known for operating over 100 international stores and over 50 tiffany & Co. stores in the US including the Aventura Mall the jewelry destination. Tiffany is the maker of various sports awards such as the MLS Championship trophy.