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Are you looking for a great place in Miami to get your coffee fix? Well, look no more. We’ve rounded up ten of the best places to get a steamy cup of your favorite smooth, dark addiction. Try one today, or try them all. We won’t judge you.

Panther Coffee

A local staple, Panther Coffee is delicious no matter how you prefer to drink it. You’ll enjoy the industrial meets artistic look and feel of the place just as much as you enjoy their Breve coffee or maybe a nice full-flavored cappuccino.

Bsweet Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is a cozy addition to The Design District. They pair excellent coffee with desserts that are just to die for. The casual, friendly atmosphere will make you want to stay awhile and relax. Stop in to enjoy a delicious cupful and stay for a quick lunch.

Eternity Coffee Roasters

One of the many reasons to grab a cup at Eternity is their specially sourced beans, which they roast on site. Named one of America’s best coffee shops, you’ll definitely want to check this place out. The coffee is high-quality, and the pastries are good too.

Pasion del Cielo

The name says it all, meaning Passion of Heaven. You’ll delight in their wide selection of delicious coffee options. You can choose beans from Colombia or Brazil or even Jamaica. Savor their coffee or check out their teas, pastries, and smoothies.

Havana Coffee and Tea Company

Specializing in Cuban coffees, you’ll love their local roast and friendly attitudes. They serve some amazing tea varieties too including everything from watermelon to mojito flavors. You’ll love the atmosphere and the empanadas.

Puroast Coffee

This little coffee shop might not catch your attention, but they serve superb coffee. Their passion for it can be seen in their expertly brewed and served coffee. While you’re there, check out their incredible almond pastries.

Nespresso Boutique

This modern, chic location provides an excellent atmosphere for enjoying a great latte. Get all the coffee varieties you love. While you’re there, try some of their signature chocolates. It pairs perfectly with their coffee. You won’t be sorry you tried it.

El Gallito Coffee Shop

Next time you’re near Little Havana, check out this authentic Cuban coffee shop. They make a fantastic Cuban coffee. You can pair it with an amazing breakfast. Be sure to check out the beleadas – everyone raves about it.

Las Olas Café

This café serves a truly fantastic café Cubano along with a tasty breakfast. Their coffee is delicious, hot and the atmosphere offers an authentic taste of Miami. You’ll appreciate their prices too, but be sure to bring cash as they are a cash only establishment.

Angelina’s Coffee & Juice

You can trust their coffee is excellent, because they use Panther’s tasty beans for all their brews. In addition to the tasty coffee, Angelina’s offers teas, sandwiches, and fresh squeezed juices. Grab a coffee and a sandwich and you’ve got a great, quick lunch.