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The New Yorkers for Children Annual Gala was held at Cipirani 42nd Street to support the charity for the new year. The charity has a gala every year that will help it raise money to aid children living across the city. This article explains the beauty of the gala this year, and it shares information about who was present as the gala was given. Every child in New York City who uses city services is aided by New Yorkers for Children, and they have the opportunity to live a better life as a result.

#1: What Does The Charity Do For Children?

Children who are a part of the system in New York are given many services to make their lives better. They receive services that help them live comfortably, and they are given things such as healthcare, school supplies and food stamps to ensure they are living well. The charity creates projects that support the city system, and they raise their own money as they work with the city.

#2: Who Appeared At The Gala?

There were quite a few executives at the gala who helped to host, and they represented companies such as Walgreens. Those who attended gave of their own money and time to help the charity, and they were impressed with the scope of the gala and its location. The gala helped everyone have a good time, and they ensured the guests were having a nice time as they asked for their contributions.

#3: Raising Millions

The charity raised $1.3 million for the cause in one night, and they asked all their donors to give of their time and money to make a difference. Those attending included Kelly Rutherford and Heather Marks. They were there to show their support for a charity they believe in given they live in the city. They see the changes that may be made by the charity, and they wish to give more every year to allow for more goals to be met.

The New Yorkers for Children Gala is an event that everyone must laud for its creativity and beauty. It brings together some of the finest donors in the city including William Goldman, Alina Cho, Beth Rudin DeWoody and Alexia and David Leuschen, and it helps those who cannot help themselves. Children are given more chances to live a normal life, and they are offered an incredible number