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4 Agencies Giving Guinea Aid Right Now

Guinea is one of the many countries in the world that needs humanitarian effort. A lot of people have been working to help the impoverished, hungry, and dying. Even though a lot of people help this country in need, there are some organizations that offer their time, money, and so much more. Whether you want to help, or you want to learn more about the efforts that the country needs, consider 4 major organizations that are helping Guinea, and how you can join them.
Aid For Africa
Aid For Africa has been helping several nations in Africa with a great deal of community efforts. They not only provide food, they provide education, loan money to small businesses, and expand housing, and wildlife programs as well. This non-profit organization concentrates on volunteer work, medical aid, and much more. They are continually in need of volunteers and financial assistance.
Save The Children
Another organization that has been helping Guinea for some time is Save The Children. This non-profit organization has been focusing on the area since 1997. In 1997 they began giving hope to the people of Guinea, through a variety of services. They started with education and health services, and have since helped parents with their children, education, and so much more. Of all of the organizations helping Guinea, this option helps with a lot of medical assistance, sending doctors, nurses, and volunteers to aid with children and parental health care.
Islamic Relief USA
Islamic Relief USA has been helping Guinea for some time, and they have focused a great deal of their humanitarian effort on the basic needs of the people. Giving from the heart, this organization has been working towards giving financial aid, and volunteers to the area to help with health care, education, food, and water. Since 2015, this organization has been focused on helping the people of Guinea with basic needs, and so much more. They are one of the most dedicated organizations that help Guinea today.
US AID is a government agency that has been set up to give to poor countries around the world. They have focused their attention on Guinea and assist with a lot of different programs. Starting with health care, and moving through education, and small business loans, this AID goes to the heart of the needs of Guinea’s impoverished population. They help with infectious disease prevention, community building, and so much more.
These 4 organizations are just 4 agencies that are continually helping Guinea get out from under the poverty, health problems, and lack of opportunities that are in the country. They offer financial support, humanitarian effort, and educational elements as well.