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In a state known for burgers, bison, and other hearty favorites, standing out in Montana’s restaurant business can be a unique challenge. Even so, husband-and-wife team Gena Burghoff and Chris Lockhart have beat the odds. The couple opened Ox Pasture in May of 2016 and haven’t looked back.

Ox Pasture also known as “The Ox” is located off the main strip in Red Lodge, Montana. The quaint restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional Montana cuisine and prides itself on true farm-to-table tastes. The store boasts a rotating menu that changes every two weeks based on the local harvest. Meals usually incorporate local seasonal produce such as berries, mushrooms, or potatoes mixed with locally farmed meats like chicken, beef and fresh-river trout.

The restaurant’s interior design is also well-planned and welcoming. The store is located in an old historic stone building giving it an immediate farmhouse feel. Inside, the walls are white-washed and meet pickled wooden floors for an antique yet modern twist. The furniture mixes wicker seating with zinc tipped-tabletops and incorporates splashes of color on the cushioning. Sprinkled throughout the room are beautiful pieces of pottery and various natural herbs. The ambiance of the store is well-received by locals and has served as a major contributor to the restaurant’s success.

Last but not least, the store’s ownership plays an obvious role in the success of the new gala. Burghoff and Lockhart have over ten years’ experience in the restaurant business and have operated restaurants in meccas like Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia. Chef Lockhart’s style is influenced by his international travels and his British heritage where local eating is ingrained in the culture. To the point, the couple works hard to create inspired seasonal dishes each week and takes pride in the creative flare of their rotational, fresh, and unique menu selections. Combined with an original idea from David Leuschen and his wife, the restaurant has brought new life to Red Lodge, Montana.

Overall this hip new restaurant is making waves in Red Lodge. The truly seasonal restaurant opens its doors from May-October to accommodate fresh produce. Stop in today and tickle your taste buds with one of Ox Pasture’s creative, seasonal dishes!