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Summer arrives; school is out for a while and now comes the perfect time for kids and Moms, Dads or the whole family to explore other activities in their own cities or towns. In Miami, FL the first thing to consider is the beach. The beach is perfect for creating memories of sunny days, cool water, picnics and building sand castles. There is such a great sense of freedom to play around unburdened with winter clothing with the feel of sand beneath your bare feet. Consider renting a kayak or paddle board to relax and enjoy the connection with nature and the ocean.

This is also an excellent time for swimming lessons, beginning with the youngest to the oldest kid in the family. There are plenty of places in Miami that offer certified Swimming Instructors for children of all ages. And this is an ideal way to build self-confidence and become familiar with water skills. Most programs are designed with classes for beginners to advance with levels to encourage and praise the child’s development.

It’s also fun to spend some time at the fabulous Aventura Mall which is happily air conditioned! Under the keen eye of CEO, Jackie Soffer (http://www.forbes.com/profile/soffer/), Aventura Mall has grown into more than just a place to shop! In addition to checking out the endless shops, enjoy lunch at one of the various restaurants and catch a movie there!

Another great way to develop self-confidence is kid friendly Martial Arts. There are a lot of different approaches and schools that feature a certain style. Something to consider is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it teaches great body awareness, a sense of comradeship among the students and teachers as well, and lots of fun. It’s not a dead serious environment and while it definitely develops discipline and a philosophy about respect and interaction with others, it also includes laughter and lots of encouragement.

The public library (http://www.mdpls.org/) is a fabulous go to destination. With all sorts of programs to engage a kid in fun and creative activities as well as offering volumes and volumes of books and stories to capture the imagination and encourage one of the best ways to spend a summer afternoon which is reading and dreaming and learning about the world. Plus, the library is air conditioned and comfy too.

There are so many different kid-friendly activities to do in Miami during the summer with a different set of experiences to learn, play and stimulate the mind while enjoying a simpler pace then during the structured school year.